Hurricane Zach

Hurricane Zach

What in the world!? Did a hurricane hit the boat? Stuff is everywhere?
No…this is what happens when you try to do something as simple as wire and install this tiny wireless router. Mainly, it was snaking the wires for power back to the 12V control panel at the chart table. One curve ball was when I went to connect the wires to the switch that didn’t seem to turn anything on labeled “Accessory” I found wires connected. Well, decision time…disconnect them, tape them up and shove them to the back or follow them, figure out what they once powered, and remove them? I decided to trace them back. That may seem simple, but trust me, it’s anything but. Previous owners have a rats nest of wires running in all directions over 36 years. I’m sure a future project will be a total rewire. Anyways, three hours later, I found that they went back to the cockpit to a port I had seen previously that looks like maybe went to an old VHF radio many years ago. After a lot of tugging and cable tie clipping I got it all removed.
After all that, I finally got power to the router and installed it on the salon bulkhead. Paired with the wifi booster I had installed at the top of the mast, we should be able to pick up open wifi from a good distance away.
As big of a mess as it seemed, it’s never too difficult to get everything back in it’s place. The tight quarters are what cause you to make a mess due to needing to move everything to access anything. But, it’s also the compact quarters that make clean up pretty quick and easy too.


  • Mary Duncan

    August 23, 2016 at 11:29 am Reply

    After the hurricane, everything looks great and I know you feel better with more of the rats nest removed. So, next time there will be fewer wires and it will be easier. Good move.

  • Margaret Goodman

    August 25, 2016 at 7:46 am Reply

    You are smart to have done that! I had to laugh when I saw VHF! That took me back a few years! From that to Wifi! Changes for the good!

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